Various updates and stuff

Made some minor updates and additions. Posted my off site stores (more in the works) so folks can see that I do have stuff to sell, just not onsite. I hope to one day put stuff in my on site store again but ebay and other places are just more convenient now. I also updated most of the FAQs. Whether it’s clarification or some new info to add. Also made a good bit of additions to my deviantart gallery :P
Also on the current game projects:
Paths of Twilight, my personal game project (which will be a free game), is coming along really well, at least in looks and most functions. The current game project that I’m helping out with (a bit of update on that after this one) has given me some insight on how to go about setting my game up more efficiently. Like the YY project, I’m working on the major functions of the game and making sure they work together correctly before I really get into maps/scenes and further character works. While the YY project is using RPG Maker XP, mine is using VX Ace (though have been tempted to use my MV, but perhaps next time). I feel my game will look awesome and I hope I can make it enjoyable. ArticyDraft program has been a huge help in keeping things together and in perspective, before that I was very disorganized lol My main thing with character sprites now is working with similar styled sprites and making sure the scale fit with each other. Sure I could make sprites from scratch, but since it’s a freebie game I’m not too worried about that, though I will customize the sprite lots for main/moderate characters. The rest are fillers. I’m mostly doing this project on the side whenever I feel up to it or have the time, so I don’t really have any release dates that I can think of, but I am in the stage where I can start promoting/chatting about it more. So far compared to YY, it does have a fair amount of scripts, so I’m currently working towards getting them refined to do what I want. Since my game’s feature requires a fairly robust craft system I had to tinker with a few scripts to find what I want, so far I believe I found one that will work but I’m thinking I may have to cut back on the amount of cooking recipes I originally intended (which is a major feature) lol.
YesterYear, the game project I’m helping out with, is coming along fairly well. Been more busy with my actual job and stuff lately but managed to keep up with this project decently enough. We have some posted updates such as character profiles and busts/sprites to show them or if you hadn’t yet pick up the current demo/minigame :) YesterYear Thread
I’m currently integrating a new message system we just got update, granted I’ve noticed we still get some of the same glitches sometimes but so far not as bad? I’m trying to figure if it’s script related this time or if it’s simply too many images that we’re are using (ironically I find that when I lessened the amount of images to use for the animation, it actually caused the glitch to happen). We are getting fairly close to getting the major functions ironed out, just gotta make they are working and the current bits are setup right. We are also waiting on .. I think one or two more scripts that someone else is helping us out with? But yea, once we can get all the necessary scripts together, it’s just building stuff up from there. Of course, as the artist of the project, I gotta get the busts and sprites worked on too x.x lol With luck, we’ll have a major update on the current demo sometime during the summer season. :)